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Brand Monitoring

Instantly understand how your audience feels about your brand and competitors online. Keyhole helps you easily grasp any conversation and the sentiment around it. Plus, our AI algorithm ensures that you never miss an important conversation, delivering it right to your inbox.

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Account tracking and reporting with historical tweets

Market Research

Use social listening to gain insights into key conversations happening around any topic online. Easily understand themes, trends and audiences to better cater to your target market's needs.

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Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter analytics for market research

Event Monitoring

Keyhole helps you prove your event's real impact. Capture every meaningful moment of your event while you’re busy living it, and access real-time engagement data to amplify your event reach as it runs.

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Hashtag analytics and social media monitoring for events

Campaign Monitoring

Save your team hours every week by using Keyhole to aggregate metrics, monitor and analyze your campaigns, and build reports. Plus, use AI to predict how your campaign is expected to perform in the future, and take action.

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Hashtag and keyword live tracking for campaigns and content marketing

Influencer Marketing

Take the guesswork out of influencer marketing and easily measure the impact influencers are making on your brand online. Plus, easily find and connect with the most relevant and engaging influencers in your industry.

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Track and measure the reach and engagement of your influencers

Over 6,000,000,000 mentions analyzed for customers big & small

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