"We help customers make better decisions with social media data. We are proud to be the #1 company in the world for Hashtag Analytics."

- Saif Ajani, CEO

What We Do

Automated Social Media Analytics for Agencies, Marketers, Journalists and Executives.

We accurately measure real-time and historical social media data, illustrating information in easy-to-read graphs and layouts that simplify reporting and strategizing.

Our product helps you effortlessly track #hashtags, keywords, @accounts and URLs on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

Use us for real-time campaign monitoring and optimization, brand monitoring and optimization, and data-driven market and competitor research.

3,000,000,000+ 3B+

posts analyzed

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Our Team

Image of Hussain Abbas Hussain Abbas

Hussain Abbas

Full-Stack Developer Ping Pong Saiyan ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
Image of Minaz Abdulla

Minaz Abdulla

Co-founder Just a founder Developer
Image of Saif Ajani Candid Image of Saif Ajani

Saif Ajani

Co-founder HiPPO
Image of Alexandre Boudier Candid Image of Alexandre Boudier

Alexandre Boudier

Director of Demand Generation ROI addicted
Image of Marty Burwell Candid Image of Marty Burwell

Marty Burwell

Account Executive Chief Events Officer
Image of Elias Hamanudin Candid Image of Elias Hamanudin

Elias Hamanudin

QA Foosball Intern
Image of Samuel Hecquet Candid Image of Samuel Hecquet

Samuel Hecquet

Lead Developer Kevin's Assistant 🐱‍
Image of Joann Lai Candid Image of Joann

Joann Lai

Full-Stack Developer doge emoji trex emoji
Image of Amar Mohabir Candid Image of Amar Mohabir

Amar Mohabir

Data Scientist "AI, AI, Cap'n!" 💻
Image of Rijoy Ravindran Candid image of Rijoy

Rijoy Ravindran

QA Lead Foosball Lead
Candid Image of Iara Rios

Iara Rios

Content & Community Manager Team Cheerleader 👯‍
Candid Image of Nirvana Sakhrani

Nirvana Sakhrani

Customer Success Teen Spirit Represent 🙋
Candid Image of Karl Shams

Karl Shams

Account Executive Kiki, Do you love me? 🐶
Candid Image of Sara Sibylle

Sara Sibylle

Product Designer Aesthetic Kween 👑
Image of Michael

Michael Smales

Director of Operations Loves Spreadsheets
Candid image of Laura

Laura Warr

Full-Stack Developer Team #Huskador 🐶


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