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Social Account Analytics Dashboards
Social Account Analytics Engagement Rates

Optimize Posting

Keyhole’s account analytics tool delivers a range of optimization data in easy-to-read charts and graphs,helping you create engaging posts and learn when to share them.

Get live insights on how your posts are performing, see which updates generate interaction based on media, hashtags, posting times and other network-specific factors. Find out what your most popular posts are and optimize your content to promote your social presence.

Social Account Analytics Of Your Competitors

Discover Competitor Strategies

Keyhole allows you to peek into competitor strategies, and analyze their growth, activity and engagement data. Track their major social profiles to learn which tactics work and fail in your niche. Then, compare and contrast them with metrics from your own profiles to benchmark KPIs.

Social Account Analytics Follower Growth

Accelerate Audience Growth

Keyhole offers data about daily, monthly and yearly follower activity, mapping out how to grow your audience. Create growth tactics by examining how your user base develops in relation to post volume and engagement.

Social Account Analytics Reporting PDF

Automate Account KPI Reporting

Keyhole delivers real-time analytics, including growth, engagement, optimization and custom audience insights. Use these insights to adjust your approach or stay the course. Share the online dashboard with clients and team members, or export them into downloadable reports.

Automate Social Media Account Tracking and Reporting

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